Regulations / RODO


1. PiM Auto Service s.c. it is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays.

2. Accepting and issuing vehicles takes place on weekdays between 8:30 and 17:45. By prior arrangement, it is also possible to accept or deliver the vehicle on other days or hours.

3. The person who leaves the vehicle on the site is obliged to inform the receiving employee of any damage to the vehicle, i.e. abrasions, scratches, dents or damage to the vehicle center.

4. PiM Auto Service IS NOT ANSWERING for items left in the car.

5. The owner of the vehicle for the time of repair is obliged to dismantle all types of cameras, navigation, handles, etc., which are mounted on the windscreen of the car.

6. At PiM Auto Serwis, prices are valid in accordance with the current price list, which is available for consultation with the service adviser. In special cases, the scope of repair work and their amount is determined after dismantling the vehicle, defects, etc.

7. The Client may always receive information on the course of the repair of the vehicle during the working hours of the website.

8. The time of repairing the vehicle may be extended by the fault of subcontractors with whom we work or because of the lack of necessary spare parts. Therefore, the date of repair is always set individually. In each case, however, we try to make this time as short as possible.

9. On completing the repair of the vehicle, the service notifies the customer by phone, text message or via email.
If it is impossible, however, effective notification is also sending a registered letter to the Customer's address.

10. The customer is obliged to pick up the vehicle from the service at the latest after 1 day from the date of notification of completion of the repair.

11. If the Customer has not picked up the vehicle within the set deadline, then a fee of PLN 35 gross per night will be charged for storing the vehicle.

12. If the cost of storing the unclaimed vehicle after repairs exceeds its value, then the vehicle becomes the property of the service.

13. The person collecting the vehicle from the service is obliged to sign the vehicle pick-up card.

14. The services are performed in compliance with the vehicle manufacturer's procedures.

15. Execution of the order content includes diagnosis of the condition and replacement of parts or subassemblies.

16. In the case of expensive components exceeding PLN 1000 net, considered as the effect or cause of the reported defect, the company consults the expense with the customer.

17. Parts installed as part of the service remain the property of PiM Auto Serwis s.c. until the payment is settled by the customer.

18. After repair the car is controlled and checked during a test drive in the scope of services performed.

19. The website provides a guarantee for one year from the date of the service. Putting the vehicle to service is tantamount to accepting and accepting the warranty conditions.

20. In the case of delivery of parts by the customer, the above warranty applies only to the correctness of service procedures.

21. All services are provided within the limits of applicable law, in particular:
• Road traffic law Dz. U. of 2005, no. 108, item 908 with later changes;
• REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE of 18 September 2009 on the scope and manner of conducting vehicle technical tests and sample documents used in these tests (73 pages),
• REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORT AND CONSTRUCTION of 10 February 2006 on detailed requirements for vehicle testing stations;
• REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE of September 28, 2005. Dz. U. No. 201, item 1666 on the use of used parts. 1229/5000

22. In the event of not agreeing to the maintenance of service procedures, the warranty is automatically excluded in accordance with applicable laws in this regard.

23. A non-performing vehicle may only be issued at the Client's written request.

24. The vehicle after repair can be issued only to the person who gave it to the site, or by prior arrangement, with written authorization containing the identity card number of both the vehicle owner and the receiving person.

25. PiM Auto Serwis has the right to consider warranties for sold parts as well as for regenerated components within no more than 14 business days (or the site's own will to use accelerated methods).

26. A customer who resigns from repairing a vehicle is charged for the cost of a diagnosis which has been previously determined.

27. Admission to the service and car wash room is possible only in the presence of a representative of PiM Auto Serwis s.c.
The arbitrary intrusion into the service and car wash room is a breach of health and safety rules. In the event of any accident, PiM Auto Serwis s.c. DO NOT bear any liability for loss of health or destruction of personal property.


Privacy policy

The following Privacy Policy describes issues related to the use of the website

§1 Personal Data Administrator

1. The administrator of Personal Data is PiM Auto Serwis s.c. Marcin Mikos, Adam Płatek, ul. Na Załęczu 3c, 31-587 Kraków, NIP: 6751471542, REGON: 122488903.
2. Personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data and with the utmost diligence.
3. Personal data on the website (hereinafter referred to as "Website") are collected in order to:
a) using the contact form available on the site;
b) to the extent and purpose consistent with the consent expressed in receiving the newsletter;
c) in order to execute contracts for the sale of products available in the "Store" and on the "Stock Exchange" (hereinafter "the Store");
d) for analytical and statistical purposes.
4. Every data subject has the right:
a) access to personal data, including the right to obtain a copy of this data;
b) demand correction (correction) of personal data - in the case of incorrect or incomplete data;
c) request for deletion of personal data (the so-called right to be forgotten),
d) requests to limit the processing of data;
e) data transfer,
f) opposition to data processing,
g) file a complaint to the supervisory body.
5. The administrator has not appointed the Personal Data Inspector
6. We reserve the right to process your data after terminating the contract (for example, selling products in the store) or withdrawing consent only to the extent necessary to seek possible claims before the court or if national or EU regulations or international law oblige us to retain data. > 7. The administrator has the right to share personal data and other data with entities authorized only on the basis of applicable law (eg law enforcement authorities).
8. The data will be transferred to entities processing it on our behalf based on agreements with the Administrator only for the purpose and to the extent necessary to implement the provisions of these agreements, including entities providing IT or accounting services to us, where such entities process data only in accordance with the Administrator's instructions.
9. At any time, it is possible to withdraw the consents expressed on the site. Revocation of consent for processing will not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out before its withdrawal.
10. Removal of personal data may occur as a result of withdrawal of consent or filing of a legally admissible objection to the processing of personal data.
11. We have implemented a number of protections, thanks to which we minimize the effects of a possible breach of data security.
12. Personal data is processed only by authorized persons.

§2 Cookies files

1. The website uses cookies.
2. Cookies are small information (files) text sent by a web server and saved on the user's side (usually on a hard disk), identifying it in the manner necessary to enable a given operation. The default parameters of cookies allow you to read information contained in them only to the server that created them. Cookie files contain the name of the website visited, the storage time and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser from which the website is connected.
3. The Website uses cookie files in order to adapt to the needs of users, optimize the use of the Website and for statistical purposes.
4. The website uses session cookies (temporary) that remain on the user's device until leaving the website or turning off the web browser, as well as persistent cookies that remain on the user's device for the time specified in the file parameters or to their delete by the user.
5. By using the Website, you agree to our use of cookies to provide you with convenience when browsing. Settings of these files can be changed at any time using the browser settings.

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